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[NEWS] KARA & Girls’ Generation race to be the first to sell a million copies in Japan

Date of the Article: [2012.01.09]

SOURCE + IMAGE: SportsKorea via Nate
CREDIT: leesa86 /allkpop.com

KARA vs Girls’ Generation, who will be the first to sell a million copies of their album in Japan?

Girl groups KARA and Girls’ Generation continue to sell an impressive number of albums in Japan into the new year, and the race to see who sells a million copies first has already begun.

According to the Oricon, KARA’s second full-length Japanese album ‘Super Girl‘ sold 586,400 copies as of January 9th, while Girls’ Generation‘s first full-length Japanese album also titled ‘Girls’ Generation‘ sold 734,000 copies.

For now Girls’ Generation is ahead by 148,400 copies, but it is too early to be optimistic. KARA’s ‘Super Girl’ was released more recently on November 23rd, and was #1 on Oricon’s Weekly Chart for five days straight it’s first week of release, it also achieved #1 on Oricon’s Monthly Chart.

In two short days, the album sold 100,000 copies and 200,000 by the fifth day. In eight days, the album sold over 300,000 copies and 400,000 after 16 days. By the 29th day, the album had sold over 500,000 copies.

After less than a month after the release, the album impressively secured the #7 spot on a list of the overall best selling albums of the year for 2011.

Girls’ Generation is also continuing to increase the number of sales with their new repackaged album which includes their latest hits. The Girls’ Generation members seem determined to be the first Korean girl group to sell a million copies of their album in Japan.

Of all the Korean singers that have promoted in Japan, the one artist who broke the million-mark is none other than Asia’s ever-rising star, BoA. BoA’s second Japanese album ‘Valenti‘ released back in January of 2003 sold approximately 1,240,000 copies, setting a new record.

One thing is for sure. One of the two girl groups will become the first Korean artist in 9 years to sell over a million copies, and the first ever foreign girl group to break a million. Fans are highly curious to find out which group will reach the goal first.


[NEWS] KARA beats AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko’s record of most Blu-ray discs sold in first week

CREDIT: MrTuxedo / allkpop.com

Korean girl group, KARA recently made their best BD (Blu-ray disc) sales record in Japan yet!

On December 28th, according to Oricon, ‘KARA Vacation 2‘ which was released on December 21st sold a total of 7,000 copies in it’s first week achieving #1 in the ‘weekly idol image’ category. This record is the highest ever recorded for first week BD sales.

Until now, Maeda Atsuko, member of Japanese girl group AKB48, held the #1 spot as she sold 4,000 BD copies in her first week. However, she has now fallen to second place as Kara sold 3,000 more copies.

This isn’t the first time Kara grabbed the top spot in the BD sales category. Last year, they rose to #1 for BD sales, making this year their second year of dominating Blu-ray sales in Japan

KARA debuts at #5 on Oricon charts

On the 11th, KARA’s Japanese debut single album Mister debuted at #5 on the Oricon daily chart.

The first place went to Masaharu Fukuyama and a Japanese girl group Perfume was also highly ranked. It shows that KARA was up to par with such big J-Pop stars. It also looks like KARA will do well when the weekly chart releases.

It was expected that they would get the #9 spot so this is a surprisingly good result. Out of all the rookies that released singles, they got the highest rank.

KARA’s #5 ranking is the second best debut result for an idol from Korea. Big Bang debuted at #4 with My Heaven in the past.

They’re definitely off to a great start.

credit: allkpop

^ credit: KARAholic

And guess who’s the featured artist in Universal Music Japan’s Youtube channel???

credit: KARA Soompi Thread