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[NEWS] KARA & Girls’ Generation race to be the first to sell a million copies in Japan

Date of the Article: [2012.01.09]

SOURCE + IMAGE: SportsKorea via Nate
CREDIT: leesa86 /allkpop.com

KARA vs Girls’ Generation, who will be the first to sell a million copies of their album in Japan?

Girl groups KARA and Girls’ Generation continue to sell an impressive number of albums in Japan into the new year, and the race to see who sells a million copies first has already begun.

According to the Oricon, KARA’s second full-length Japanese album ‘Super Girl‘ sold 586,400 copies as of January 9th, while Girls’ Generation‘s first full-length Japanese album also titled ‘Girls’ Generation‘ sold 734,000 copies.

For now Girls’ Generation is ahead by 148,400 copies, but it is too early to be optimistic. KARA’s ‘Super Girl’ was released more recently on November 23rd, and was #1 on Oricon’s Weekly Chart for five days straight it’s first week of release, it also achieved #1 on Oricon’s Monthly Chart.

In two short days, the album sold 100,000 copies and 200,000 by the fifth day. In eight days, the album sold over 300,000 copies and 400,000 after 16 days. By the 29th day, the album had sold over 500,000 copies.

After less than a month after the release, the album impressively secured the #7 spot on a list of the overall best selling albums of the year for 2011.

Girls’ Generation is also continuing to increase the number of sales with their new repackaged album which includes their latest hits. The Girls’ Generation members seem determined to be the first Korean girl group to sell a million copies of their album in Japan.

Of all the Korean singers that have promoted in Japan, the one artist who broke the million-mark is none other than Asia’s ever-rising star, BoA. BoA’s second Japanese album ‘Valenti‘ released back in January of 2003 sold approximately 1,240,000 copies, setting a new record.

One thing is for sure. One of the two girl groups will become the first Korean artist in 9 years to sell over a million copies, and the first ever foreign girl group to break a million. Fans are highly curious to find out which group will reach the goal first.


[NEWS] TVXQ, SNSD, & KARA rake in impressive viewer ratings for ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’

DATE of the article: [2012.01.05]

SOURCE: Star News
CREDIT: carolicity /allkpop.com

On January 5th, Japanese media outlet Sponichi reported the viewer ratings for the country’s biggest year-end music festival, ’62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen’, which included performances from 50 artists.

According to Sponichi, SNSD‘s performance brought in 39.9% in viewership ratings, while 38.4% tuned in for KARA‘s performance. This is quite an achievement for both groups considering how Japan’s most popular female group, AKB48, achieved 38.9%.

However, one thing to take into consideration is that the first half of Kohaku usually records less viewer ratings than the second half. AKB48 performed during the 1st half, while SNSD and KARA performed during the 2nd half of the show.

Meanwhile, the artist that brought in the most viewer ratings for the night was the popular Japanese group, SMAP, with 48.2%. TVXQ came close with 42.6%, a very impressive feat for a Korean artist. Additionally, this was the third time that TVXQ was invited to participate in the festival, which demonstrates their continuous popularity in Japan.

The best female & male idol groups according to tvN Newton

Through tvN Gil’s Newton Chart, a poll based on the best male & female idol groups was held between July 26th and August 1st recently.

With 50% votes coming from a selection committee group, 30% from internet votes and 20% from mobile votes, 20 groups from each male & female category were selected.

Starting off with the male idol group category, here are top 8 ranking groups based on the results from the poll (numbers in bracket denote # of votes):

DBSK (12199)
Big Bang (12176)
H.O.T. (6654)
2PM (4878)
Super Junior (4322)
SS501 (4292)
MBLAQ (4265)
god (4128)

Next, the top 8 female idol groups:
SNSD (8828)
Fin.K.L (6447)
2NE1 (5748)
Wonder Girls (5073)
S.E.S (3553)
KARA (2338)
Brown Eyed Girls (1768)
Jewelry (1666)

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credits: allkpop + KARA Soompi Thread

Lastest Korean Idol Group Ranking at Daum Fancafe(August)

1) TVXQ: 770,848 ↓ 2203
2) Big Bang: 356, 081 ↓1460
3) SNSD: 304,409 ↓ 119
4) SS501: 252,419 ↓ 1915
5) 2PM: 220,079 ↓ 5124
6) Super Junior: 196,258 ↓ 526 (manful24)
7) SHINee: 119,005 ↑ 4126
8) Beast: 111,922 ↑ 4930
9) Shinhwa: 109,235 ↓ 6078
10) Wonder Girls: 106,919 ↓ 464
11) F.T. Island: 100,577 ↓ 6442
12) 2NE1: 95,247 ↓ 267
13) MBLAQ: 80,809 ↑ 1819
14) f(x): 63,818 ↑ 1723
15) 2AM: 60,082 ↓ 361
16) Kara: 55,506 ↑ 4
17) Brown Eyed Girls: 44,383 ↓ 355
18) Seeya: 40,774 ↓ 2281
19) CNBLUE: 32,602 ↑ 2136
20) T-ara: 28,448 ↑ 607
21) Davichi: 25,846
22) 4minute: 24,870 ↑ 2186
23) Z:EA: 23,489 ↑ 1116
24) After School: 18,090 ↑ 660
25) Sistar: 16,104 ↓ 34
26) Supernova: 12,991 ↓ 5960
27) CSJH: 12,786 ↓ 100
28) Miss A: 12,620
29) Infinite: 10,913 ↑ 2857
30) U-Kiss: 8,300 ↓ 384
31) Teen Top: 5,580
32) SECRET: 5,729 ↓ 155
33) D-NA: 5,080 ↑ 857
34) F.CUZ: 3,379 ↑ 19

Credits: http://mysterybeast.net + SS501 Baidu + rainaftershine@wordpress.com + saylalala@Quainte + TSPH

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Korean Idol Groups Chinese Web Ranking

1. SUPER JUNIOR 257543
2. SNSD 43462
3. TVXQ 27559
4. SHINee 26744
5. F(X) 25644
6. SS501 24648
7. FT ISLAND 23900
8. T-ARA 12897
9. 2AM/2PM 12135
10. KARA 12022
11. BEG 11794
12. BIG BANG 10232
13. ANJELL 9693
14. CNBLUE 9293
16. 2NE1 8490
18. U-KISS 5800
19. ZE:A (Children of Empire) 1581

Credits: F(X) Baidu + SJ Baidu + Sapphirepearls + rocketboxx + kissmeukiss + KARA Soompi Thread
Source: Amelia1711 @ SHINee’s Soompi Thread

4Minute, KARA, Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae – August is the month of Japanese activities for Korean idols

Korean idols will heat up the Japanese music scene.

This August, several Korean idol teams will be releasing their albums in Japan and start their Japanese activities.

First we have 4Minute, they will be releasing their new single ‘IMMM’ on 28th July. The girls have headed over to Japan on 27th July. Already earlier in May, the girls released their debut Japanese single ‘Muzik’ and the single went up to the TOP 20 chart on Oricon.

Next will be KARA having their official Japanese debut on 11th August. The MV to their Japanese debut song ‘Mister’ was released on 28th July, and they have flown to Japan on the same day to Japan to prepare for their activities for the song. Currently the song is already moving up fast on Oricon charts.

Male idol group Big Bang will be releasing a new single ‘Beautiful Hangover’ on 25th August. After Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang is said to be the next Korean newcomer singers to look out for debuting in Japan. They did an open concert on 26th July with the attendance of 8000 fans.

Also, there is So Nyeo Shi Dae who will be debuting in Japan with a showcase to be held in late August. And following the showcase, they will be releasing a debut single in September. There has been great interests on the group’s debut in Japan.

This August, we will be seeing more Korean singers in the Japanese music scene. And there are many speculations as to who will do better in the market. An entertainment management company representative said, “Regarding who will do better, it is not important. It is important for the Korean idols to throw away the competitiveness. Because currently in the Japanese music market, it is not about just liking one team but liking Kpop as a whole. It is not about just liking So Nyeo Shi Dae or just KARA, but rather ‘liking So Nyeo SHi Dae, KARA and 4Minute.’”

“It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.”


Credit: KBites

4minute and KARA take their battle to Japan

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Popular girl idol groups such as 4minute and KARA are leaving Korea one by one and taking their popularity to neighboring country Japan.

On the 28th, 4minute who have recently released their second single IMMM are leaving for Japan on the 27th.

They plan to actively promote their album in the country for approximately one week. Fellow girl group KARA will also leave on a similar date and prepare for their official debut where they will stay in Japan for about 20 days.

Affiliated officials of 4minute stated, “We are leaving for Japan tomorrow. We have already visited Japan a couple of times this July for several broadcasting shows.” Likewise, KARA have also done the same thing just like 4minute for their debut.

Idol girl group SNSD are also preparing for a showcase in Japan. During August, SNSD plans to have a large scale 10,000 audience showcase event in Japan and debut officially in September. They also recently filmed for their MVs in 3D.

It’s amazing how much girl groups are on a rise lately in the music industry. I hope they continue their hard work and wish all of them the best of luck in Japan!

credit: allkpop