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Kara’s Mister MV is #1 on Japanese iTunes

The girls of Kara are off to a great start as they made their Japanese debut with their EP, Mister, debuting at #5 on Oricon charts.

Well, it looks like Oricon isn’t the only chart they’re dominating as the girls are currently ranked #1 in the Japanese iTunes‘ music video chart!

Although the music video of Mister is quite expensive (400 yen / 4.69 US dollars), it has topped other MVs from notable artists including Funky Monkey BabysEXILELady Gaga and Madonna.

Kara being a rookie group in Japan, this is quite impressive! Congratulations to the girls and thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Kara’s Gyuri greets fans from Japan

On August 11th via TwitterKara member Park Gyuri greeted everyone through her tweet:

Good afternoon~ ごんにちわ

Along with her tweet, she revealed a photo of herself with makeup, as she is showcasing her goddess image.

Fans who have seen the photo replied with, “The unique makeup looks very good on you“, and “All I’ve got to say is that you’re really pretty.

Meanwhile, the girls of Kara are having a successful debut in Japan, as they ranked #5 in Oricon chart and #1 on the Japanese iTunes‘ MV chart.

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KARA advertised on a Japanese cup noodle?

Just recently on Twitter, KARA’s maknae member, Kang Jiyoung, uploaded a photo of a cup noodle with the comment, “KARA noodle!!!!!!!!!!”

As seen in the photo above, this isn’t an ordinary cup noodle because a photo of KARA can be seen around the cup.

But hours later after posting that, it appears that it wasn’t real but fan-made. Jiyoung tweeted an explanation, “Everyone…Instead of selling Kara ramen~ A fan made it and sent it to us!! Please don’t misunderstand~^^ he.”

Meanwhile, the girls of Kara are currently off to a great start in Japan, as their single Mister debuted #5 through Oricon charts, as well as #1 on the Japanese iTunes‘ MV chart.

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Kara’s guerilla concert in Tokyo is suspended after 3 minutes

Kara once again witnessed their popularity in Japan, as their guerilla concert in Tokyo had to be stopped due to the great number of people who attended.

After releasing their Japanese debut single, Mister, on the 11th, and reaching number 5 in Oricon charts, Kara held a guerilla concert at Tokyo’s Shibuya 109 mall as part of their debut event. Although this event was not officially announced, 3,000 fans who heard the news all of a sudden gathered to watch Kara perform.

As soon as a greater number of people than expected arrived for the concert, Kara’s Japanese management company, Universal Japan Sigma, had to suspend the concert in 3 minutes when it was supposed to last 30. KARA was scheduled to take photos with fans, have a brief Q&A session, and perform some songs. However, because the fans were over reacting and created a panic, they had to unfortunately cancel this surprise event after performing just one song. The reason for this was because the location of Kara’s concert was a famous traffic area in Tokyo, and the massive gathering of the crowd could be dangerous for the peoples’ safety.

Multiple Japanese news media, including Sankei Sports, has reported this unbelievable event, and once again confirmed Kara’s successful debut in Japan.

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Shibuya goes in a frenzy due to KARA’s surprise performance

Popular Korean girl group KARA held a surprise stage performance in front of the popular department store, Shibuya109 in Tokyo earlier today to celebrate their debut in Japan.

KARA performed their debut song titled “Mister” in front of more than 3000 fans. Because this was a “surprise,” many people came as the word spread quickly creating a ruckus in the crowded district of Shibuya. At this event KARA was scheduled to take photos with fans, have a brief Q&A session, and perform some songs. However, because the fans were over reacting and created a panic, they had to unfortunately cancel this surprise event after performing just one song.

KARA will hold a hand-shake event in Shinkiba Stadium Coast on August 14th.

SOURCE: Sanspo

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KARA debuts at #5 on Oricon charts

On the 11th, KARA’s Japanese debut single album Mister debuted at #5 on the Oricon daily chart.

The first place went to Masaharu Fukuyama and a Japanese girl group Perfume was also highly ranked. It shows that KARA was up to par with such big J-Pop stars. It also looks like KARA will do well when the weekly chart releases.

It was expected that they would get the #9 spot so this is a surprisingly good result. Out of all the rookies that released singles, they got the highest rank.

KARA’s #5 ranking is the second best debut result for an idol from Korea. Big Bang debuted at #4 with My Heaven in the past.

They’re definitely off to a great start.

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And guess who’s the featured artist in Universal Music Japan’s Youtube channel???

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KARA performs on famous Japanese program Sukiri

Korean girl group KARA appeared on a famous Japanese morning program called Sukiri in time to promote their new Japanese debut single Mister.

On the 11th, the girls had a talk with host Sekine Mari in part of a corner of Sukiri called Mariwood and later performed Mister live as well. As a corner that provides the audience information about a Hollywood star’s fashion or lifestyle, Mariwood has had famous previous guests such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Backstreet Boys. KARA who appeared as guests for this corner became a hot issue for becoming the first Korean as well as Asian star to make an appearance.

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After KARA begun their Japanese promotions early in July, their song Mister rose to top ranks at Japan’s very popular music site Tower Record taking first, second and third place respectively for three different released versions of Mister. On the 14th, the girls plan to have an celebratory hand shake at Shinkiba Studio Cast for the release of Mister before returning to Korea on the 15th.

Congrats to the girls for a successful time in Japan with their song Mister! Hopefully they will become as loved as previous successful Korean idol stars like TVXQ and Big Bang.