[NEWS] Goo Hara & Park Gyuri share a “mirror reflection” photo

SOURCE + IMAGE: Goo Hara’s Twitter
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KARA members Goo Hara and Park Gyuri shared a photo in which they’re striking the same pose while wearing matching outfits.

Goo Hara posted the photo above via her official Twitter page on the 11th and wrote, “Gyuri unni and I wore the exact same outfit to practice. Telepathy!”

In the photo, the two are wearing white baseball shirts with black sleeves, and black sweats to match. They even had their hair done up the same way and struck the same pose, holding their smart phones and looking towards each other. They looked as though they were mirrored reflections of one another, and the photo evoked much laughter from netizens.

Fans who saw the photo left comments such as, “Feel like there’s a mirror in between the two“, “Gyuri gets prettier by the day. They are so cute“, and “Good to see that they are so close. Please post a lot of pictures like these from now on“.

In related news, Goo Hara, Gyuri and the rest of the KARA members will be embarking on their Asia tour starting next month.


[NEWS] KARA’s Gyuri transforms into a Smurfette as punishment

Date of the article: [2012.01.06]

SOURCE + PHOTO: Sports Chosun via Naver

KARA‘s Gyuri shocked her fans by transforming into a Smurfette!

Producers of ‘Lululala‘ had originally requested that she show up in a glamorous red carpet get-up. Gyuri obliged and arrived in a sexy red dress that emphasized her perfect figure and drew everyone’s attention.

Unfortunately, she was late to arrive, forcing producers to lay down a penalty. The sexiness lasted just for a moment, as she was transformed into a Smurfette backstage.

Gyuri quickly asked, “Why are you doing this to me?!” but immediately adjusted into her character once the cameras began rolling.

The episode featuring her Smurfette transformation airs on January 8th.

[NEWS] Park Gyuri Is an MC Queen in Japan


Park Gyuri Is an MC Queen in Japan

Kara’s leader Park Gyuri will MC the 26th “Golden Disc Awards in Osaka” with Super Junior’s Lee Teuk. She will also MC the “Korean, Japanese Fashion Event KISS” with the famous Japanese model Uri Ebihara. Both events sent love calls to Park Gyuri to MC for the events. This isn’t the first time that she has emceed.

In terms of Hallyu events she emceed for the “Music Bank in Tokyo, K-Pop Festival” on July 13, 2011 and “Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival 2011” on November 9.

The reason why Japanese companies want her to MC for the events is because of Park Gyuri’s fluent Japanese, her fluid way of emceeing, and also her skill at talking.

Currently Kara as a whole have recently appeared in NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen.” They are currently going back and forth between Japan and Korea appearing in variety shows and radio shows.

[NEWS] Park Gyuri Wants to Meet SMAP Too

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Other than the fact that her group will be performing in the most prominent music ceremony in Japan, Kara’s Park Gyuri seems to have more to look forward to than just the performance.

On December 29, Sponichi Annex reported that the rehearsal for the 62nd NHK Red & White Song Battle, to be aired on December 31, took place on December 29 in Tokyo. Kara was seen onstage this day in red clothing, singing a special Kara medley.

In a meeting with the press, the members of Kara mentioned they were very busy trying to attend year-end ceremonies and specials in both Korea and Japan, and said, “As soon as we get back [to Korea] we have a live broadcast, and tomorrow we’re coming back to Japan.”

When she was asked whether she wants to see any singers in person at the Red & White Song Battle, Park Gyuri said shyly that she wanted to meet SMAP’s Shingo.

SMAP is a beloved household name in Japan, as it is a group that has been active for 20 years. Its members include Kimura Takuya, Girls’ Generation Yoona’s ideal type, and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, a.k.a. Cho Nan Gang in Korea, who promoted a single titled I Love You So Much in Korea.

Girls’ Generation and TVXQ will also be appearing with Kara on the 62nd NHK Red & White Song Battle.

Kara’s Gyuri greets fans from Japan

On August 11th via TwitterKara member Park Gyuri greeted everyone through her tweet:

Good afternoon~ ごんにちわ

Along with her tweet, she revealed a photo of herself with makeup, as she is showcasing her goddess image.

Fans who have seen the photo replied with, “The unique makeup looks very good on you“, and “All I’ve got to say is that you’re really pretty.

Meanwhile, the girls of Kara are having a successful debut in Japan, as they ranked #5 in Oricon chart and #1 on the Japanese iTunes‘ MV chart.

Credit: AllKpop

DSP Entertainment Disproves Rumors Stating that Kara’s Gyuri’s Mom Has Cancer

Rumors circulating around stating that Kara’s Gyuri’s mother is currently suffering from cancer have been proven to be false by both SBS and Gyuri herself.

SBS’s promotional team ignited the rumor when they reported, “Kara’s leader, Park Gyuri’s mother Park Sohyun appeared on ‘Star Junior’ and revealed that she had suffered from cancer. When she was sick, Gyuri was preparing to become a singer and did not tell her, so she wrote a will.” However, this was disproved by SBS later on when they explained that Park Sohyun had mistaken some of the health problems she had been experiencing for cancer – later on when she went through an inspection, it was found that she was in fact, dealing with stomach ulcers.

This was confirmed by DSP Entertainment, who stated, “It’s a shame that completely false information has become known. It was simply that she thought she was experiencing symptoms of cancer, but were just stomach ulcers.”

Park Sohyun herself had been planning to come out as an artist just like her daughter; thankfully, cancer won’t be in the way of her career plans.

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